Experienced Dispatcher


On-call Dispatcher For Aiuto Roadside

Aiuto Roadside, Peer-to-peer Roadside Service is on a mission to completely transform how traditional roadside is done. Literally for over 100 years, companies like AAA have been helping motorists, but taking an extended amount of time to do so. 

The two biggest complaint that have  resulted in traditional roadside to gain a bad reputation is how long it takes for customers to receive help. 

The Aiuto User app leverages similar AI technology as popular rideshare apps, to deliver the fastest digital dispatching and response time in our industry. We experience 20 second dispatching and average 30min ETA's for our customers. 

However, the on-call dispatcher isn't off the hook just yet. Almost all jobs require an experienced dispatcher to ensure the following: 

  • That information is accurately recorded and payment is stored

  • That the job assigned to a service provider and that they communicate ETA directly with the customer

  • That the Service Provider arrives on time to their job

  • That the Payment is processed

  • That the job is completed and the customer is completely satisfied with our service