Experienced Dispatcher

 Message from the CEO, Miles Heidorn

"The Dispatcher role is one of the most vital to the Aiuto Brand. Ultimately the growth of the company relies on both the efficiency of the dispatcher, and their ability to manage accounts."

Please watch the following video about this role and it's responsibilities. 



On-call Dispatcher Responsibilities and Payment


  • During your "on-call" shift, inbound calls are of the highest importance. You'll be expected to answer all calls

  • Each call you will need to "pursue", meaning we expect you to attempt to close by asking the right questions, confirming realistic wait times, and collecting their info

  • Record Customer information and store CC info. PRIOR to dispatching the job. We only accept Credit Card from customers. 

  • Ensure that jobs are assigned out, arrived to on time, and completed

  • Communicate with customers, motorclubs, service providers, and management

  • Leverage company systems to complete your on-call shift ie. Dispatcher portal 

  • Report your hours every week for Payroll


  • $10.50/HR

  • Paid via ADP Payroll Bi-weekly

Agreement to Dispatcher Duties & Payment
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